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Originally from Flint, Michigan, Joe Kelley began his career in entertainment by embarking on a path of radio broadcasting. After years of broadcasting, he sold all his worldly possessions and then moved to Maui to focus on his true passion… psychoactive compounds found in plants. This led to a great awakening that resulted in Joe moving to Nashville to begin performing stand-up comedy in 2012.

Joe quickly became a regular at Zanies, and participated in The Broken Record Show (an 8-day Guinness World Record-breaking show) in 2015 and 2016. He then bought a gold minivan, named it “Goldie” and, to no one’s surprise, began living in that van. He would spend 3 years living the van life, traveling all over the country performing at comedy clubs, music venues, bars, coffee shops, and even a bowling alley or two.

Joe has been featured on BravoTV and released “Ladies & Leftovers” an independently-produced comedy special in 2021.

Joe’s charm, matched with his delivery of dirty jokes makes him loved and adored by audiences everywhere. His unique style has allowed him to work with a variety of comedians such as Tom Segura, Dulcé Sloan, Big Jay Oakerson, Ron Funches, Mark Normand, Josh Blue, Clayton English, and many others. You can find his podcast, Joe Kelley’s Psychedelic Experience on all major streaming platforms.

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